VKJ Projects

Who We Are


Since its conception in the year 1969, VKJ Projects Pvt. Ltd. has built with its clients a relationship based on quality, reliability and expeditious delivery. The company has to its name, numerous developmental projects of great significance.

Owing its profound success to a team of skilled professionals highly experienced in the field, VKJ projects works relentlessly to maintain its ethos of high quality delivered in time. The company has persistently strived to cater meticulously to the specific requirements of their clients.

VKJ Projects has successfully created for itself a reputation for reliability, owing to their ethos of prompt delivery provided in an atmosphere of diligence and propriety, making best building practices their minimum standard.

The company, through its career has been responsible for the prompt delivery of numerous projects, including the construction of well foundations and power sub-stations, hotels of grandeur and luxury retreats, factories, industrial sheds and national highways. Each project has had a profound influence in developing their skills and know-how to a paramount degree.


To be the Leader in the Construction industry, to be known for ”Quality and Reliable” services, to deliver projects that consistently meet our Client requirements.


To achieve our objectives through hard work, to provide value based services to our clients leading to higher satisfaction; while utilizing minimum resources from our environment to build our projects.


VKJ Projects aims at delivering top-notch services while diligently adhering to the specifications, be it requirements of a contractual, regulatory or statutory nature.

Making client satisfaction a priority and achieving it through the expeditious delivery of services that are lucrative and practical for the clients.

Keeping itself up-to-date on the range of procedures and standards of construction in the country and implementing the best practices on their projects.

To create infrastructure that meets the expectations of the clients, offering the best quality within stipulated budgets and delivering within an agreeable timeline.