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Health Safety & Environment

At VKJ Projects we aim to create a work environment that is safe and hazard free for the workers. In this respect, the company has successfully designed and implemented a safety policy in compliance with the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, creating a workplace that is safe and free of injury or illness.

With the zeal to create buildings/structures par excellence, the company ensures, not only the safety of the building in use but are also uncompromising in ensuring the safety and well-being of its manpower and the environment. With a zero tolerance policy for lapse in safety standards, VKJ Projects maintains a strict protocol in the execution of its projects with a thorough risk assessment.

At VKJ Projects it is a constant effort to make the environmental and safety management system as efficient and effective as possible. Through the adoption of safe and responsible workplace practices and methods, VKJ Projects has been a success to this end.

The technology today is the most dynamic of all, and in an industry like “Civil Construction” it becomes utmost

Standards set at VKJ Projects for workplace safety:

  • Compliance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements.
  • Adopting effective waste management practices in the form of recycling, re-use and reductions.
  • The reduction and control of practices causing pollution.
  • Prevention of accidents involving men, machinery and material.
  • Raising awareness with regard to safety and pollution free work environment amongst its employees and contractors.
  • Maintaining occupational health standards for the employees.

The company has been certified by its clients for maintaining a strict no tolerance policy for accidents and injuries.