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The VKJ family is a company run by a team of exceptionally skilled and qualified engineers and managers. The management of the company includes professionals of Vast experiences and achievements.

VKJ Projects Pvt. Ltd., started as a vision of one man and now fulfilling the dreams of many.


vinod k jain

Mr.Vinod K.Jain


Mr.V.K.Jain is the very foundation of the company. VKJ Projects was founded in 1969 as a proprietorship firm by Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain. Over time, the firm turned into a partnership and eventually into a Private Limited Company in the year 1989. Mr.V.K. Jain has created a foundation of discipline, conscientiousness and hard work that has come to become the driving force behind the success of the company. His incomparable knowledge of civil engineering coupled with his strong set of fundamentals are the very pillars that the company has built upon. Mr. V.K. Jain apart from his deep set knowledge and experiences with electrical sub-stations, dams, bridges etc. is known to be a driving force for the people working around him, inspiring in them the relentless pursuit for higher standards.

ashish jain

Mr.Ashish Jain

(Mg. Director)

Managing Director, Mr. Ashish Jain joined the VKJ family as a Civil Engineer in the year 1995. In the industry, he is admired for his exceptional planning and managerial skills. A true leader, his approach is pro-active and ever so positive, inspiring his team to achieve their organizational goals.

Mr.Atin Jain

Mr.Atin Jain

(Joint Mg.Director)

An engineer with an immaculate background, Mr. Atin Jain holds a First Class degree and a Distinction. With an affinity for numbers and a profound interest in the technical aspects of his work Mr. Atin Jain brings an innovative outlook into the company, helping the team overcome the most intricate problems with relative ease.

Mr.Sanjeev Jain

Mr.Sanjeev Jain

(Hon. Director)

With his vast knowledge and experience of over 28 year, Mr. Sanjeev Jain is a strong support in the execution of the company’s major projects. A graduate in Commerce, he emphasizes on the work done in the field, allowing a more profound understanding of the problems occurring at the root. He is a man of diligence, who brings the projects to fruition through his meticulous and thorough approach.

Mr. Preetpal Singh (Director Technical) He is a Retd. dpty chief engineer PSEV. He has vast experience in project planning, infrastructure and hydro electric project.