VKJ Projects

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Technology has advanced rapidly and consistently from its very advent. With the dynamic nature of technology in the field of civil construction it is imperative to stay on top of these developments and adopt these advanced mechanisms and techniques as they come. In an effort to deliver the best, VKJ Projects strives to keep itself updated with constant upgradation of equipment and mechanisms.

In order to create and deliver the very best to their clients which entails precision in projects of a grander scale while adhering to severe timelines, and to make manpower as productive as possible, VKJ Projects has adopted many time and energy saving practices and techniques in the execution of its projects.

Technology has advanced rapidly and consistently from its very advent

Advanced equipment and techniques used by VKJ Projects include:

  • Automated Concrete Batching plants and Concrete Pumps for efficient Concreting.
  • Tower cranes and Building Hoist Equipment.
  • Total station teams for ground survey work.
  • Porta-cabins for use as site offices or storage containers.
  • Earth moving equipment such as Back Hoe loaders and Pokelane.
  • Scaffold and shutter systems made of steel (Cup lock systems, telescopic gliders and beams, props and pipes along with jacks).
  • Customized shutter systems specific to the requirements of particular projects.
  • Project monitoring through PERT and Microsoft Project.
  • Silent, low Sulphur DG sets and overhead storage tanks for water.
  • Top grade laptops, high speed internet and digital photography equipment.
  • Dwelling units made of GI sheets and mild steel to accommodate the workforce on site or close by.
  • Cutting and bending machines for reinforcement steel.
  • Vehicles for staff and utilities.
  • Rectifiers and welding sets.
  • On-site lab facility for testing concrete.
  • Water purification system for providing clean drinking water for the workforce.
  • Medical facility closest to the site with a doctor on call.

At VKJ Projects, our teams work with a broadened outlook with an eagerness to adopt the most cost effective and technologically sound plants and machinery for the execution and management of our projects.